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Upgrades for 2011

Each weekend, racers whose average handicaps have dropped out of the minimum for their class are listed here. They are upgraded, after official approval at the following MACC meeting.

The list here shows the handicap (HC), the minimum HC for the old class, and the new class for the racer. If you are not already in the open Elite class, getting an upgrade is the ultimate honor in the MACC. Congratulations!

Upgrades for start of 2012 (2010 results not counted)

Racer                 Type    Bib   Club  HC    Old   Min  New
Suzanne Holmes          GS    334   RN    44.18 VAW   45   E2W

Upgrades after 2011 Race 11

Maybe a new record: one racer got 9 strikes before upgrading. We won't embarass Spyder by identifying the racer.

Racer                 Type    Bib   Club  HC    Old   Min  New
Gene DePriest           GS    235   AA    53.80 CM    60   BM
Zach Jablonski          GS    356   TB    34.57 AM    35   E2M
Rob Reader              GS    231   SD    24.71 VE2M  25   VE1M
Renee Robinson          GS    340   TR    74.60 CW    75   BW
Allison Rosenbaum       GS    342   SN    34.31 E2W   35   E1W
Spyder Sayers           GS    331   TO    32.56 AM    35   E2M

Upgrades after 2011 Race 9

Racer                 Type    Bib   Club  HC    Old   Min  New
Hunter Brisson          GS    131   TB    23.34 E2M   25   E1M
Beau Buehler            GS    137   SW    24.16 E2M   25   E1M
Joseph Connelly         GS    366   TO    73.43 DM    75   CM
Terri Warren            GS    146   TO    42.52 AW    45   E2W
Ben Youngheim           GS    312   GM    43.87 BM    45   AM

Upgrades after 2011 Race 7

Racer                 Type    Bib   Club  HC    Old   Min  New
Mike LeVan              SL    318   SD    14.4  VE1    15  E   
Mike upgraded himself after race 4, just in time, because he now has a solid open-E handicap!

Upgrades after 2011 Race 4

Racer                 Type    Bib   Club  HC    Old   Min  New
Dana Bloodworth         SL    328   SN    87.31 DW    90   CW
Dana Bloodworth         GS    328   SN    85.54 DW    90   CW
Kelly Gwinnell          GS    151   SN    59.12 BW    60   AW
Richard Synowiec        GS    300   TB    74.77 SVDM  75   SVCM

Upgrades after 2011 Race 2

Racer                 Type    Bib   Club  HC    Old   Min  New
Hunter Brisson          SL    131   TB    31.84 AM    35   E2M
EMILIE Godell           GS    330   AA    59.16 BW    60   AW
Michael Hietbrink       GS    254   TR    22.73 E2M   25   E1M
Veronica E Jackson      GS    344   JD    53.36 BW    60   AW
Robert Michel           GS    156   TO    32.90 VAM   35   VE2M
Alex Schultz            GS    322   XX    22.42 E2M   25   E1M
Alex Schultz            SL    322   XX    22.15 E2M   25   E1M
Michael Thomas          GS    339   SD    23.39 E2M   25   E1M

MACC Handicaps

A handicap system is used to place MACC racers in appropriate ability classes, and to determine when racers should upgrade or downgrade to different classes.

MACC Class definitions
Handicap Calculations (pt 1)
Handicap Calculations (pt 2)

Handicap Theory (PDF)


The handicaps are determined largely by past histories of most of the racers competing on a course. Pacesetters provide quality control, and influence the handicaps of racers who are much faster or much slower than the average racer for the course.

Calculating and Reporting Handicaps

Handicaps are computed for all race times. However, the handicaps shown in the results on a race day are subject to adjusment and are not considered "final" until after the first MACC meeting that follows the race.

Handicaps are calculated using different equations for the first and second run, in order to compensate for differing course conditions. Therefore, identical times on the first and second runs can result in different handicaps.