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Racer Upgrades for 2004

Each weekend, racers whose average handicaps have dropped out of the minimum for their class are listed here. They are upgraded, after official approval at the following MACC meeting. The list here shows the handicap (HC), the minimum HC for the old class, and the new class for the racer. Congratulations!

Separate handicaps are calculated for slalom and giant slalom. Your class is determined by the lowest of the two. The handicap limits for each class are shown below the lists of upgrades.

Upgrades After Race 11

Some of you are too fast. You must move. Congratulations! (Be sure to put your new class in your application form for next year.)

Note: We have to do the handicaps one more time at the start of next year, to exclude any results from the 2003 season. If you only made a few races this year (2004) and had low handicaps, be sure to check back next fall when your 2003 results are removed. That can bump you up...

Racer                  Type   Bib   Club  HC    Old   Min   New
Christopher Curtis GS 363 TO 57.27 CM 60 BM Jill Geyer GS 62 TB 57.63 BW 60 AW James Smith GS 305 SC 44.30 VBM 45 AM

Upgrades After Race 9

Racer                  Type   Bib   Club  HC    Old   Min   New
Amelie Barrali SL 334 TO 40.30 AW 45 E2W Peggy Caverly SL 348 PH 81.19 DW 90 CW Peggy Caverly GS 348 PH 70.32 DW 90 CW Steve Haupt GS 60 SD 73.47 DM 75 CM Marc Michon GS 368 TB 44.40 BM 45 AM Thomas Smith GS 153 XX 42.68 VBM 45 AM Cody Tustin GS 155 SN 67.26 DM 75 CM

Upgrades After Race 7

Racer                  Type   Bib   Club  HC    Old   Min   New
Kelly Aitken GS 178 SN 58.92 BW 60 AW Glenn Arendsen GS 110 TB 74.53 SVDM 75 SVCM Brandi Butler GS 329 AA 86.30 DW 90 CW Brandi Butler SL 329 AA 88.52 DW 90 CW Dale Fitkin-peppel GS 259 TO 55.67 SVCM 60 SVBM Vladimir Goldin GS 95 TO 57.19 SVCM 60 SVBM Sondra Hietbrink GS 181 SC 59.06 BW 60 AW Mike Jablonski GS 91 TB 58.52 SVCM 60 SVBM

Upgrades After Race 4

Racer                  Type   Bib   Club  HC    Old   Min   New
Katelyn Aitken GS 162 SN 69.93 CW 75 BW Jill Geyer GS 62 FT 71.20 CW 75 BW Catherine Jeakle GS 245 TR 74.06 CW 75 BW Joel Kato GS 130 SC 54.80 CM 60 BM Don Katz SL 43 TR 34.53 AM 35 E2M Debi Koltoniak GS 92 TO 89.30 DW 90 CW Art Levasseur GS 138 SN 73.94 DM 75 CM Art Levasseur SL 138 SN 73.11 DM 75 CM Domenic Mazzenga jr GS 143 SN 59.69 CM 60 BM Tedd Sattler GS 372 SW 32.80 VAM 35 VE2M David Smith GS 160 XX 24.58 VE2M 25 VE1M David Smith SL 160 XX 24.56 VE2M 25 VE1M Tony Yearego GS 304 FT 33.81 AM 35 E2M

Upgrades After Race 2

Racer                  Type   Bib   Club  HC    Old   Min   New
Wendell Dayton GS 117 SW 58.38 CM 60 BM Laura Kaznecki GS 125 SN 48.99 BW 60 AW Eric Klaban SL 112 FT 23.07 E2M 25 E1M Andy Peot GS 146 SD 41.22 BM 45 AM Thomas Tocco GS 115 GM 33.15 VAM 35 VE2M Barry Vande zande GS 66 SW 34.43 VAM 35 VE2M Terry Voight GS 225 SC 70.31 CW 75 BW

MACC Handicaps

A handicap system is used to place MACC racers in appropriate ability classes, and to determine when racers should upgrade or downgrade to different classes.

MACC Class definitions
Handicap Calculations (pt 1)
Handicap Calculations (pt 2)

Handicap Theory (PDF)


The handicaps are determined largely by past histories of most of the racers competing on a course. Pacesetters provide quality control, and influence the handicaps of racers who are much faster or much slower than the average racer for the course.

Calculating and Reporting Handicaps

Handicaps are computed for all race times. However, the handicaps shown in the results on a race day are subject to adjusment and are not considered "final" until after the first MACC meeting that follows the race.

Handicaps are calculated using different equations for the first and second run, in order to compensate for differing course conditions. Therefore, identical times on the first and second runs can result in different handicaps.