Communication is key...

lots to communicate for the 3-day race weekend, so please read to the end.

There will be Awards Friday and Saturday, at the base of F.I.S.

We have heard from many of our racers who truly miss the opportunity to socialize and congratulate one another on receiving awards for their conquest. Not to mention hoisting a few select beverages. Therefore, our clever and creative leadership has figured a way to accomplish this lost ritual due to COVID restrictions. So hear is the deal, direct from the keyboard of our President Alex and VP Drew:

"MACC racers and race fans, we intend to host a safe and physically distanced awards ceremony this weekend. Awards will be held at 3pm near the bottom of FIS on Friday and Saturday. FACE COVERINGS WILL BE REQUIRED AT THE AWARDS. We plan to utilize the loud speaker from the FIS finish shack, so everyone will be able to space out appropriately yet still hear. We will also have treasure chests for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place within each class. These treasure chests will contain a myriad of awards from past seasons for the winners to choose from. The treasure chest will not include rum. Wait, what?! Why is the rum gone!? MACC does not have a liquor license, but Boyne does, so we are trying to get a beverage cart over to the base of FIS since they are not expecting many golfers this weekend. 

Special note: If you are looking for a traditional pirate style treasure chest, please keep in mind the pirates of today use rubbermaid tubs to avoid damaging the more modern, yet not scratch resistant, yachts they plunder. Good luck racers."

If you race all three days, you will need two work assignments
• Othmar hours for racer registration and work assignments are 8:00 am - 9:15 and 11:30-am - noon
• All course workers, please check in with Outside Starter prior to beginning of race

Super-G on Friday on F.I.S with Safety Measures

A message from Alex and Drew is on another page: Starting on FIS in a Pandemic.


A desperate plea from Dennis Parrot, Director Course Operations

Everybody gets to join Course Operations for the weekend!! WOO HOO!!

Yes racers, it is Double Whammy Weekend!  We have light attendance typically on this weekend and Course Operations (which was already understaffed!) is a few folks short. The weather report for the weekend is calling for SNOW! The report is 5 to 8 inches for Friday morning. 

Those whammys put us in a bind for keeping the courses nice and clear. 

So what are we going to do? Well (doing my Oprah imitation) EVERYBODY GETS TO JOIN COURSE OPERATIONS!!!

We are going to be having racers join in the maintenance effort. Please be prepared as the Chief of Course will be asking everyone to join in.

MACC's New Gate Judge Card

MACC has a new gate judge card and it is very different from our old card. To help everyone understand how this card is used there is a new video that gives you an introduction on how to use our new card.

It is only 6 minutes long. By the time you're done you will know exactly how to document the card!

Go here:

Updated Gate Judge Cheat Sheet

In case you did not know, MACC has a set of job descriptions called "cheat sheets" posted on our web site. The cheat sheet for gate judges was updated just now!! 

You really should download a copy! Scintillating reading!!
Go to to get your copy.

MACC Radio Use

Also, there is a video on how we use those radios that are in the pocket of every gate judge bib!
Go to to check that out!

Watch what you wish for... 5-8 inches of new snow this weekend!
Drive safely and keep your battery charged. Perhaps a thermos of soup or hot beverages will be in order along with extra blankets for warm up.

Thanks to Grace Patti for keeping us socially connected!

We have a public facebook group page where anyone can post:
MACC Alpine Ski Racing:

In addition, we have established a dedicated facebook page which will be used for real-time updates and critical information. Only MACC administrators can post.

We are also on Instagram.
MACC Ski Racing :

Congratulations, you have reached the end. Thanks for your attention.

Be Well. Be Safe. Be kind.

Debi Koltoniak
MACC Director of Communications



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