Fellow MACC Racers,

This year has presented many challenges, the latest of which was how to provide you with a fun and safe Super G race this Friday. We have come up with a solution, which requires your cooperation. Before we get to that, we want to walk you through the background and the progression leading us to this solution. Our first choice was North Boyne, but this presented many challenges related to COVID-19. This was ultimately unworkable because we would not have ample space to manage the race from (i.e. registration, work assignments, results, etc.). To run our races in a safe and social distanced manner we really need the Othmar and our normal race hill facilities. Superbowl was certainly an option, but it is not a great hill for Super G. The hill is relatively short and does not offer much terrain for the course crew to work with in creating a fun or interesting Super G. We also discussed an alternative start on FIS, which would better lend itself to social distancing, but we would not know what this start would look like until Friday morning at which point we would have to develop a starting procedure and get the timers working from a new location. Ultimately, we developed a plan for a safe and socially distanced start from the top of FIS.

diagram of start

Here is the plan for Friday’s Super-G on FIS:

  1. Closed Start Hill: When we race on FIS everyone climbs the south face of the start hill. This will be roped off and no one will be allowed on the start hill unless they are: The Inside Starter, The Outside Starter or a Racer/Pacesetter invited to enter by The Outside Starter.

  2. Social Distancing: Racers and course workers are always expected to maintain social distancing. Racers and workers are also required wear face coverings until they are in the starting gate.

  3. Lining Up: We can have 1 racer in the starting gate, another racer to the west of the starting gate and another racer at the top of the hill to the south of the start shack. The remaining racers must be spaced out, by at least 6 feet, and lined up in order of their start on the south face of the start hill. When a racer starts each racer can then advance and the outside starter will invite the next racer into the start arena.

  4. Equipment: Skis, poles or other equipment may not be left at the top of the start hill. All equipment must be worn or carried up to the start. MACC will leave boot scrapers on the electrical box on the south wall of the starting shack so racers can properly and efficiently clear their boots and put their skis on if they choose to wait until they are at the top of the hill. Please leave the scrapers for the next racer.

  5. Cooperation: We are working to gather our best and loudest outside starters for Friday. Please be on time, alert and cooperate with their direction during this new starting process. Failure to comply with this process or any reasonable request by a course official, including the outside starter, may result in disqualification under article 4.2 of MACC Racing Rules.

We apologize for throwing such a rigid new process at you so late in the game. Ultimately, we felt this was the best way to provide you with a high quality Super G race in the safest way possible. Operating in a way that our sponsors, including our host Boyne Mountain, are proud to continue partnering with us is a top priority and second only to your safety. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

The races scheduled for Saturday and Sunday will be back on Superbowl. If the process works well on Friday we may consider doing more races on FIS later in the season.

See you on the slopes!

Alex Carrico President - MACC

Drew Hilger
Vice President – MACC



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