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Cantor Cup (Race 12) Results

The following two tables list the winners and runner-ups for the day. But wait! There's more...

The fully formatted results (with times) are available in the PDF file: cantor.pdf. And we also have the times for the qualifier and early races: cantor_qual_tier_1.pdf and cantor_qual_tier_2.pdf.

Class Name Club
D2 Men Dale Peppel Toledo
Supervet D Men Gary Sonnenberg Ford Thunderbirds
D1 Men Jeff Enterkin Skiwis
C Women Mona Nazzaro Skiwis
Supervet C Men Mike Jablonski Ford Thunderbird
C Men Mike Goatley Skiwis
B Women Kelly Aitken Skiniks
Vet B Men Dennis Parrot Ford Thunderbirds
B Men Jared Sonnenberg Ford Thunderbirds
Vet A Women Janie Guiliani Ford Thunderbirds
A Women Therese Harding Snow Drifters
A Men David Kaznecki Skiniks
E2 Women Patty Costigan Schussmeisters
Vet E2 Men Garth Preuthun Schussmeisters
E2 Men Foster Butler Jim Dandy Ski Club
E1 Women Sherrie Glas Schussmeisters
Vet E1 Men Steve Hark Schussmeisters
E1 Men Steve Smith Snow Drifters

Cantor Cup 2002 Runner Ups
Class Name Club
D2 Men Paul Andres Skiwis
Supervet D Men Daniel Aitken Skiniks
D1 Men Art Levasseur Skiniks
C Women Kathy Carrico Team Rust
Supervet C Men Bob Morey Schussmeisters
C Men Chuck Trewin Ford Thunderbirds
B Women Veronica Jackson Jim Dandy Ski Club
Vet B Men Dick Steele Ann Arbor
B Men Nick Koltoniak Toledo
Vet A Women Jean Seefeld Skiwis
A Women Kim Debroka Skiwis
A Men Thomas Tocco GM Ski Club
E2 Women Peggy Konsza Schussmeisters
Vet E2 Men Mike Sayers Ann Arbor
E2 Men Eric Klaban Ford Thunderbirds
E1 Women Jennifer Crites Team Rust
Vet E1 Men Greg Masters Snow Drifters
E1 Men John Swords Snow Drifters