2023 Handicap Averages and Most Improved

Everyone in the MACC program runs in ability classes. Our intent is that racers in each class are of similar ability, to keep things competitive and interesting. A handicap system is used to determine when a racer should move to a different class.

Handicap Averages

Here are everyone's handicaps as of January XX, 2023, after race 4.

A new handicap page is posted after each of the weekends in the season. All handicap pages for the season can be accessed from the racing results page.

Bib   Racer                   Club  Class Min  Max    GS    SL

Most Improved Formula

Handicap is defined as the percent your time is longer than a reference racer with zero par time. That is, HC = 100*(your_time - par_time)/par_time.

If we subtract your old handicap from your new handicap, that gives us the change in the percent that your times are longer than the zero par time. We want the change relative to your old time, not the par time, so we divide by the factor (1 + HC_old/100), which is the ratio of your old time to the par time.

And that's how we get the magic formula:
% improvement = (HC_new - HC_old)/(1 + HC_old/100)

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MACC Handicaps

A handicap system is used to place MACC racers in appropriate ability classes, and to determine when racers should upgrade or downgrade to different classes.

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